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Micro Inverters Monitor MKT4000

A new product“Micro-ME” acts as the power interface (PI) to the utility grid and communications interface with the internet. It is a device installed at the coupling point to the utility grid to provide safety functions such as over/under voltage, over/under frequency, leakage current detection and DC injection detection.The real-time performance information of energy harvest for all UNIVPO micro-inverter systems can be collected by Micro-ME and transmitted to UNIVPO Solar Energy Data Acquisition System for global real-time monitoring.

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248W Micro inverter

The UNIVPO Micro inverter offers unique technology that enables much improved solar energy harvest, increased reliability, simplified installation and efficient management of solar power systems. Each UNIVPO Micro inverter is individually connected to one PV module in the solar panel array. This unique configuration achieves Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at the PV module level, thus eliminating single-point failure, minimizing the effect of shading, soiling, orientations or PV module aging, and improving the system’s energy harvest by up to 125%.

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